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Bicycle Dreams

Bicycle Dreams follows two boys from the ancient city of Kathmandu who are pursuing a dream: an electric blue, 18 gear mountain bike. They can’t afford the bike, but a reward for a lost dog raises their hopes. Setbacks in the search for dog (and bike) test the boys’ friendship, but also teaches them what’s really important in life.

Behind the scene


A 5 minute video on the work of American Red Cross and its Red Cross partners to promote recovery in three most affected districts during the first year after Nepal’s devastating earthquake in 2015. Watch Video

A short documentary about how safe abortion is saving women’s lives in Nepal.

A short documentary about how an INGO brought economic change in the lives of rural farmers in Nepal.
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A documentary about musical collaboration between Norwegian and Nepali jazz musicians celebrating Henrik Ibsen’s Centennial in Kathmandu.

A documentary on one rural Nepali woman's experience with family planning.

A documentary exploring the life of a Nepali woman who overcomes many life challenges and becomes an important social volunteer in her community.

An interactive CD on client and service provider experiences of family planning services in Nepal, for use as staff development tools with an international NGO.

A documentary about a remote, forbidden district in Nepal’s furthest reaches behind the Himalaya, before the tourist influx.

A video on the esoteric tradition of Buddhist thangka painting in Kathmandu Valley.

A video following a 13 year old Tibetan Buddhist novice monk through one day in the monastery.