Our Team

Teamwork makes dreamwork

Ramesh Dhamala

A high-energy, gregarious and resilient personality. Ramesh Dhamala has been working as a cameraman for the last 25 years, and has traveled and worked in all 75 districts of Nepal. Ramesh has worked both as an in-house cameraman in Nepal, as well as with many international channels such as BBC, National Geographic, Al Jazeera and CNN.

Lokendra Thapa

An award winning documentary cameraman, Lokendra Thapa has over 15 years of experience in the field. He has shot videos as high as Everest base camp down to the flatlands of the Terai. He has also worked with many international documentary production teams.

Nimesh Shrestha

Nimesh Shrestha is in high demand as an editor for both documentary and feature films. He has won "Best Editor" in the National Film Awards for the movie Das Dhunga.  He has edited over 40 features films as well as documentary videos. Many of his movies have won prestigious awards both in Nepal as well as in other countries.

Ian Chen

Los Angeles based film composer with many years of experience composing for films, documentaries, video games and multimedia projects, including award-winning collaborative works featured in film festivals.

Rujesh Karmacharya

Rujesh is trained in 3D animation, but he has skills in every sphere of visual media from cameraman to editing.

Kishor Acharya

An upcoming field sound recordist, Kishor Acharya has been working on feature films, TV serials and documentaries since 2013, including the acclaimed TV serial Singha Durbar.